Italian Wine, American Roots – No, Literally

Day 2 at Brunnenburg Castle – Traditional Alpine Farming (Approximately 3 min read) The commute today was a little bit slower… my bus got trapped behind a tractor chugging uphill at its own pace, unperturbed by the line of cars in its wake. But once I arrived, the stop-and-go bus was quickly forgotten because IContinue reading “Italian Wine, American Roots – No, Literally”

Introducing Jacquie “the Wanderer”

A week ago, I moved to a small city, nestled between mountains and vineyards in northeastern Italy. I will soon be starting my eighth semi-professional ice hockey season with a new team, the Bolzano Eagles. Hockey has taken me to some incredible places: I’ve had the opportunity to play in the SDHL in Stockholm; theContinue reading “Introducing Jacquie “the Wanderer””

I’m a farmer now!

Day 1 at Brunnenburg Castle – Traditional Alpine Farming (Approximately 5 min read) This morning, I set out for Brunnenburg Farm to begin my newest adventure working on an organic vineyard an hour north from my new home of Bolzano, Italy. Brunnenburg Farm is located beside a 13th century castle, presiding over and protecting theContinue reading “I’m a farmer now!”